Harnessing Synthesis


Take control of your synths, and using the power of synthesis, create the sounds you’ve always wanted. Learn exactly what’s going on under the hood of your synth today!

This course is intended for music producers who want to dive into the techniques of synthesis and understand what is happening in their synth. It will start you on the path to sound design and get you familiar with the tools you have, no matter what synth you are using, so you can create your own unique sound.

How to harness the power of synthesis

In this course you will learn:

  • How synths create sound. From the waveforms, all the way to the effects, I’ll explain each section of a few common synths.
  • Signal flow. How the sound travels between each module, and why that’s so important to the final outcome.
  • Modules. What each module in a synth is really doing to the sound, even down to the waveform.
  • Sound examples. Reading about what each part of a synth does is fine, but hearing the differences each module can make will really help to understand what’s going on.
  • How to start bringing the sound ideas from your head into your synth.
  • Several methods to finally taking control of your synth and making it do what you want it to, instead of relying solely on happy accidents or experimentation.

10 things you’ll learn from ‘Harnessing Synthesis’

  • How synthesizers create sound, and how the various waveforms change the sound
  • How different waveforms sound on their own and with some modification
  • The general signal flow for many synthesizers, regardless of type or manufacturer
  • What each module does in a synth, with actual sound examples to hear the difference
  • What to focus on first when designing your own sounds from scratch
  • Several common uses of each module in a synthesizer
  • Some common types of sounds and how to create them
  • What to look for when using a new synth in order to get familiar with it
  • Breakdown of several common effects – what they do and how to use them
  • What to focus on the next time you design your own sound from scratch


“A simple-yet-comprehensive course that combines video tutorials, text, actionable steps, and quizzes to ensure that you never feel lost or confused. Would definitely recommend to anyone who feels overwhelmed by sound design and doesn’t know where to start” – Louay

“Anybody out there who has minimal knowledge and experience with producing music, of which I have zero experience, needs to take this course. Everything is broken down very precisely and explained in terms anyone can understand. I highly recommend the Harnessing Synthesis course to anyone who is just starting out, or to the advanced producer who needs that extra step to get them to the next level.” – Jason

Course Details: Here is what you’ll get

  • Full Harnessing Synthesis course (6 lessons with video and PDF guides)
  • Downloadable Ableton Live sets used in the course (The entire collection of sets used for this course, including instrument racks, midi clips, and settings – all exactly how you see in the videos)
  • Downloadable presets used in the course (Any sound I create in this course will be yours to use however you want, or to reverse engineer and study. You’ll get a wide variety of sounds for use in multiple genres and styles.)
  • Access to the Harnessing Synthesis private Facebook group where you can ask me any questions, or get help or feedback on your sound design. 
  • Personal access to me (Jake) throughout the whole course to help guide you throughout the course

Sample Videos

Lesson 2 – Oscillators, Voices


Lesson 4 – Filters, Filter Slope